About Us

We are a non-profitable international ministry providing support to people in Thailand.

20 Years in Service

Savior Ministry was started by Minister Jose Alvelo. Minister Jose Alvelo Graduated with honours from Christian Theology 2000, and has been ministering and teaching bible studies and doing volunteer work for Chaplin at Correctional institutions and also has worked as a Mental Health Assistant for the state of Conneticut for the past  20 + years.
Minister Jose Alvelo met and got married to his wife in 2014. They have been happily married since. Covid 19 – changed their lives and they moved from CT to FL and settled at St Pete FL. They love their new home town but have seen a lot of homeless and low-income issues, which is how they started Savior Ministry in 2021 to do the best they can to help communities.
The Savior Minsitry has programs that serve widows, orphans, low-income households, homeless and people who are suffering from addictions.

Our Programs

Giving VS. Receiving

When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully everyone is blessed